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Airbnb cleaning, House Cleaning & Maids service

& Senior Care Companions for expats.

Does this sound familiar?

What do we do?

We provide cleaners and maids with or without cleaning supplies, to clean your home per hour.

If it is a recurrent service, we will hire a cleaner who will work for us so that you don’t have to worry about worker compensation, since you are not from Costa Rica, this is a very important thing to consider.



We offer maids, cleaners, housekeepers, babysitters, handyman and more.

Do you need more information?

if there is anything that is not clear you can contact us by e-mail: su@homeservices.cr. . We will respond to you immediately! English Spoken.

Cleaning per hour in Costa Rica has never been so effective.

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All Prices in US Dollars or COSTA RICAN COLONES

We will contact you back as soon as possible.


We do not supply the cleaning supplies at least requested (The cost is higher). Just contact us and we will give you an estimate for the supplies.

For homes , home office, airbnb we only provide the cleaning personnel and we do not provide any kind of specialized service.

We do hire all the employees we send to your home or office. Do not worry about worker compensation or any lawsuit. We take care of all the labor paperwork in Costa Rica for you.

We do accept Paypal, but cost increases in $15. Our preferred payment method is national wire transfer.

Yes, but cost increases in $25.

No. We only accept payment via national wire transfer (Sinpe) , Paypal or international transfer (see above).

A maid in Costa Rica is a kind of employee that performs domestic labor, like cleaning at home, taking care of children, as a babysitter, taking care of pets, taking care of elder people (Senior Care Companions). It can also cook, do laundry, etc. All tasks at home. We provide this kind of personnel per hour, half time or full time.

We are basically an outsourcing company, so we provide only the cleaning personnel. The cleaners go to your home and do basic cleaning. We do not provide industrial cleaning equipment so we do not provide carpet cleaning or window cleaning, post construction cleaning, etc. Nothing that involves a deep cleaning or specialized cleaning. Our cleaning personnel can work per hour, half time or full time.

Yes, we do offer personnel for Airbnb check-in check-out . We can also provide cleaning supplies . Please fill out our form to get a quote.